Mafia Mondays – Going Wild and @XAPR love the Food Mafia.  Each Monday we bring you our favorite review of the week from their site – with the mouthwatering photos to prove it.  This one is by Goodfella Erin D where she went wild at Frontier in West Town.

“One of the most exotic menus I’ve ever seen! There was a huge array of choices with things like llama meatballs, duck tacos, and a smoked reuben sandwich. Definitely the right restaurant to try if you’re feeling adventurous.

The Cheese Bites appetizer was one of the more traditional bar food options, but even those had an extra kick with prosciutto folded into the cheese and a pickled apricot dipping sauce. 

The Gator Ribs were another interesting find. While I hate to be typical, the gator tasted like chicken, but had a fishier texture and was covered in a Georgia peach BBQ sauce. 

The Pulled Boar sandwich was delicious! With a pretzel bread bun, Texas style BBQ sauce and coleslaw, the boar was similar to pulled pork, just a little thicker and tougher. 

Finally, you’ve got to end the meal with some of the Whiskey Gelato. It comes in either the Gelato Flight, alongside Mexican Dark Chocolate and Goat Cheese flavored gelato, as well as in the Banana Bread Pudding.”

Photos and review courtesy of Food Mafia and Goodfella Erin D.

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