Au, Yes!

I was a little late to the party – Au Cheval has been open for months.  And everyone has been raving. The best part of these pics is that they really speak for themselves.  The liberal use of herbs is a bonus.20120628-110543.jpg

Salmon Rilette with brioche, a perfect egg and pickles.


THE PERFECT BURGER – with two patties of heaven.


Super crispy frites with garlic aioli.


LOVE.  On a bun.

Gemini Bistro

Burgers Burgers and more Burgers! Burger Bonanza part two is up on dishIT! with Amanda Puck on  Chef Jason Paskewitz of Gemini Bistro let me behind the scenes for tips on how he makes the best burger.  The Gemini Burger – prime beef, smoked Neuske Bacon, Swiss Cheese on a potato bun with truffle fries.  The best trick I learned – add the cheese on top of the burger in the last moment of cooking and top it with the bun.  Pull it off and place it on the bottom bun.  And by the time you are ready to sink your teeth into it – it’s melted to perfection and the bun doesn’t move around.

The Truffle fries are crispy and full of truffle flavor, and sprinkled with parmesan.




Indie Burger

If you like all things organic and your beef grass fed – Indie Burger is your place for Burger Nirvana.


The all grass fed beef is portioned before they get flattened and griddled.

And they even make their own beef bacon, perfectly cooked until extra crispy.



The fries are fried crispy in organic oil – and topped with a seasoning combo that will leave you craving more.


And here it is, the Indie Burger, complete with special sauce.  Even their shakes and toppings are organic.  And the coffee La Colombe.

Indie Burger.

See it here on

sola burger love

After seeing Carol Wallack at the Green City BBQ I realized I had not been by sola yet to try her new menu items.  And since it is in walking distance from The RV (Roscoe Village) The Bomb and I ventured over there on a hot Saturday night, only after trying an assortment of beers and brats at Four Moon. (Would have had pics, but it was a bit too dark in there).

The burger at sola is magnificent.  It is layered and layered with rich flavors.  Wagyu.  Cambozola cheese, a triple cream with a slight vein of blue running through, giving it perfect meltability and earthiness, sharp arugula, crispy bacon and lightly caramelilzed onions.  She has perfecting this for 20 years and it is PERFECT.  EVERY.  TIME.

And Brussel sprouts, lighlty fried, crispy and salty.  We have a thing for brussel sprouts.  Love.