NoMI | Boutique Chocolate has “popped up” in the Park Hyatt Chicago Library. Walking into this temporary pastry shop, the sweet aroma alone will make you go crazy. It’s award-winning Pastry Chef Meg Galus’ dream come true. She and her team have been sourcing rare and unique varieties to create an array of offerings, ranging from handcrafted bonbons to French and American style pastries, as well as personalized gift packages. There is even a rich Chocolate Chai tea collaboration with Rare Tea Cellar - to sip while you peruse the boutique.

Here is what you can find:

Confections - Bonbons, bars, lollipops, caramels, enrobed nuts

Pâtisseries - Éclairs, tarts, petits gâteaux

Snacks - Macarons, cookies, brownies

Gifts - Spreads, hot chocolate mix, customizable gift box

These works of art will be crafted using only the finest chocolate from makers around the globe including Valrhona, Cacao Barry, Felchlin, Guittard, Amedei and TCHO.

When: Runs through Sunday, May 11 (Mother’s Day) from 12pm-8pm


Chef Meg Galus putting the icing on the Sensation Cake. A Devil’s Food Cake with luxurious DeZaan 72% ganache.




You have never had rich and flaky chocolate croissants like these – trust me.


Meg’s delectable macarons. You can even buy just one, but why stop there.

Chocolate or Sequins???? Hmmmm …..

After a delicious lunch at NoMI Kitchen in Chicago - Kiran and I didn’t realize the BEST WAS YET TO COME!  After our Sequins for Breakfast planning meeting – JLynne introduced us to the Park Chocolate Bar, where we were like kids in a hot chocolate candy store.

I have always been a fan of Valrhona chocolate ever since I was making pastries at Cornell.  Of all the chocolates I have worked with it has the most velvety and creamy flavor, so it is a natural for hot chocolate.  It is also my choice for baking.

So, you get a steaming cup of hot chocolate splendor – and then you can add …

Cinnamon sticks or peanut butter marshmallows. (Dying over these BTW – The Bomb will love these).

Candy Canes, cookie tuilles or peppermint shavings …

Crushed oreos or white chocolate curls ….

Vanilla Sugar Marshmallows …

A shot of espresso, passionfruit or salted caramel syrups …

CHOCO ala MP – with espresso, vanilla marshmallows and peppermint shavings


CHOCO ala KIRAN – with whipped cream, passion fruit and cherry sprinkles.

Who needs sequins when you have this – the best $10 ever spent.  Kudos to pastry chef Meg Galus!  I was AMAZED!

Also a fun idea for a holiday party – just add booze!

Ladies who Live it up at Lunch

Girlfriend lunches are the best – you can fully catch up in 45 minutes on all the latest gossip, boy talk, shopping and work news effectively over a meal.  And when you have the chance to try the newest lunch items at NoMI Kitchen by Chef Ryan LaRoche, well then that’s a huge bonus.  The new items let you coast fearlessly into fall with rich flavors, cheesy goodness and a little bit of a crunch.

Forest Mushroom Soup with Sophia goat cheese and a thin sliver of a sourdough crouton.  Our server told us it was delicious and he was 110% correct.

JLynnePR selected the Artisan Grilled Cheese with snow white cheddar, country bread, black truffle butter and roasted tomato soup.  It was a mile high. 

I will always go for a fancy version of a Reuben.  The NoMI Reuben with pear sauerkraut, gruyère cheese on marble rye with hand-cut frites. 

The birthday girl The Schwanz-a-razzi feasted on NoMI’s Signature Sushi Platter – spicy tuna roll, salmon sushi and yellow tail sashimi.

For dessert the Chocolate Crunch Bar – which thankfully The Schwanz-a-razzi snapped since I had to sneak out for a meeting.  Supposedly it was amazing, so I guess I’ll just have to go back and see for myself.

Crunch Photo Credit: Rachel Schwanz

Fresh NoMI Kitchen

Lunch plans with JLynne at NoMI Kitchen were long overdue.  In addition to the new fresh look, the menu was bursting with fresh flavors and colorful ingredients.  As we ate our way through it, the only thoughts that came to mind were I wonder what’s for dinner.  And we can’t wait to return to the Lounge for a drink.  As we caught up on NoMI news, fashion boutiques and eyelashes, here is what was on our luncheon agenda.

English pea soup with lemon cream, pea tendrils and mint – a perfect Summer soup.

Mushroom ginger bouillon with trumpet and enoki mushrooms and charred green onions. 

Yellowfin tuna ceviche with fried garlic, red onion, jalapeno and matsuhisa vinaigrette.  Bite sized and full with flavor.

Roasted eggplant and goat cheese sandwich with piquillo pepper, rosemary ciabatta with a crisp cucumber and olive salad I could eat every single day. The sandwich was thin, perfectly toasted and oozing with melted goat cheese.

The salad accompaniment was crispy and rich with olives.

As we were wrapping it up, the only thing missing was Chef Ryan LaRoche.  Heading to Davanti Enoteca finally for dinner that night, I learned through the grapevine it was one of his favorite restaurants.  That post is coming soon!